September 19th All Events

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September 19th, 2006 (September 19 2006)EventThe Thai military stages a coup in Bangkok. Constitution revoked; martial law declared. Martial Quotes
September 19th, 2006 (September 19 2006)DeathElizabeth Allen, American actress (born in 1929)
September 19th, 2006 (September 19 2006)DeathRoy Schuiten, Dutch cyclist (born in 1950)
September 19th, 2006 (September 19 2006)DeathChuck Rio, American singer and saxophonist (The Champs) (born in 1929)Chuck D Quotes
September 19th, 2006 (September 19 2006)DeathHugh Kawharu, paramount chief of the Ngati Whatua Maori tribe (born in 1927)
September 19th, 2004 (September 19 2004)DeathEddie Adams, American photographer, won Pulitzer Prize (born in 1933)
September 19th, 2004 (September 19 2004)DeathArpad Bogsch, Hungarian turned American international civil servant (born in 1919)
September 19th, 2004 (September 19 2004)DeathSkeeter Davis, American singer (born in 1931)
September 19th, 2004 (September 19 2004)DeathEllis Marsalis, Sr., American businessman, musician, and activist
September 19th, 2003 (September 19 2003)DeathSlim Dusty, Australian singer (born in 1927)
September 19th, 2002 (September 19 2002)DeathRobert Guei, ruler of Cote d Ivoire (born in 1941)
September 19th, 2000 (September 19 2000)DeathAnthony Robert Klitz, British artist (born in 1917)
September 19th, 1997 (September 19 1997)EventGuelb El-Kebir massacre in Algeria; 53 killed.
September 19th, 1997 (September 19 1997)DeathRich Mullins, American singer (born in 1955)
September 19th, 1995 (September 19 1995)EventThe Washington Post and The New York Times publish the Unabomber s manifesto.
September 19th, 1995 (September 19 1995)DeathOrville Redenbacher, American botanist and businessman (born in 1907)
September 19th, 1994 (September 19 1994)BirthAlex Etel, British actor
September 19th, 1991 (September 19 1991)EventOtzi the Iceman is discovered by a couple of German tourists.
September 19th, 1991 (September 19 1991)BirthDemelza Reveley, Australian model
September 19th, 1990 (September 19 1990)DeathHermes Pan, American dancer and choreographer (born in 1910)
September 19th, 1989 (September 19 1989)EventA terrorist bomb explodes UTA Flight 772 in mid-air above the Tunuru Desert, Niger, killing 171.
September 19th, 1988 (September 19 1988)EventGreg Louganis suffers a head injury while qualifying for the Seoul Olympics; goes on to win two Gold medals.
September 19th, 1987 (September 19 1987)BirthDanielle Panabaker, American actress
September 19th, 1987 (September 19 1987)DeathEinar Gerhardsen, Prime Minister of Norway (born in 1897)
September 19th, 1986 (September 19 1986)BirthAntoninus Pius, Roman Emperor (died in 161)
September 19th, 1986 (September 19 1986)BirthGerald Ciolek, German cyclist
September 19th, 1986 (September 19 1986)BirthKen Gushi, Japanese racing driver
September 19th, 1986 (September 19 1986)BirthPeter Vack, American voice actor
September 19th, 1985 (September 19 1985)EventA strong earthquake kills thousands and destroys about 400 buildings in Mexico City.
September 19th, 1985 (September 19 1985)EventTipper Gore and other political wives form the Parents Music Resource Center as Frank Zappa and other musicians testify at U.S. Congressional hearings on obscenity in rock music.Frank Zappa Quotes
September 19th, 1985 (September 19 1985)DeathItalo Calvino, Italian writer (born in 1923)
September 19th, 1984 (September 19 1984)BirthEamon Doyle, American pop singer
September 19th, 1984 (September 19 1984)BirthKevin Zegers, Canadian actor
September 19th, 1983 (September 19 1983)EventSaint Kitts and Nevis gains its independence.
September 19th, 1983 (September 19 1983)EventWheel of Fortune game show was created by Merv Griffin
September 19th, 1983 (September 19 1983)BirthJoey Devine, American baseball player
September 19th, 1983 (September 19 1983)BirthCharlie Haeger, American baseball player
September 19th, 1983 (September 19 1983)BirthMatt Wiman, American mixed martial artist Martial Quotes
September 19th, 1982 (September 19 1982)BirthEleni Daniilidou, Greek tennis player
September 19th, 1982 (September 19 1982)BirthJordan Parise, American ice hockey player
September 19th, 1982 (September 19 1982)BirthNicole Voss, American model
September 19th, 1981 (September 19 1981)BirthScott Baker, American baseball player
September 19th, 1981 (September 19 1981)BirthDamiano Cunego, Italian cyclist
September 19th, 1981 (September 19 1981)BirthRick DiPietro, American ice hockey goaltender
September 19th, 1980 (September 19 1980)BirthTegan and Sara, Canadian singer/songwriters
September 19th, 1979 (September 19 1979)BirthDannielle Brent, British actress
September 19th, 1979 (September 19 1979)BirthNoemie Lenoir, French supermodel and actress
September 19th, 1978 (September 19 1978)BirthMichelle Alves, Brazilian supermodel
September 19th, 1978 (September 19 1978)BirthNick Johnson, baseball player
September 19th, 1978 (September 19 1978)BirthNigel Mitchell, Quizmania and Capital Disney presenter
September 19th, 1978 (September 19 1978)BirthJorge Lopez Montana, Spanish footballer
September 19th, 1978 (September 19 1978)DeathEtienne Gilson, French philosopher and historian (born in 1884) Philo Quotes
September 19th, 1977 (September 19 1977)BirthRyan Dusick, American drummer (Maroon 5)
September 19th, 1976 (September 19 1976)EventA Turkish Boeing 727 hits a mountain in southern Turkey killing 155.
September 19th, 1976 (September 19 1976)BirthRaja Bell, American basketball player
September 19th, 1976 (September 19 1976)BirthAlison Sweeney, American actress
September 19th, 1976 (September 19 1976)BirthJim Ward, American musician (At the Drive-In, Sparta)
September 19th, 1976 (September 19 1976)BirthJessica York, television personality
September 19th, 1976 (September 19 1976)BirthJan Hlavac, Czech ice hockey player
September 19th, 1974 (September 19 1974)BirthJimmy Fallon, American actor and comedian
September 19th, 1974 (September 19 1974)BirthVictoria Silvstedt, Swedish model
September 19th, 1973 (September 19 1973)EventKing Carl XVI Gustaf of Sweden has his investiture.
September 19th, 1973 (September 19 1973)BirthNick Colgan, Irish footballer
September 19th, 1973 (September 19 1973)BirthCristiano da Matta, Brazilian racing car driver
September 19th, 1973 (September 19 1973)BirthJeremy Lindsay Taylor, Australian actorJeremy Taylor Quotes
September 19th, 1973 (September 19 1973)DeathGram Parsons, American musician (born in 1946)
September 19th, 1972 (September 19 1972)EventA parcel bomb sent to Israeli Embassy in London kills one diplomat.
September 19th, 1972 (September 19 1972)DeathRobert Casadesus, French pianist (born in 1899)
September 19th, 1971 (September 19 1971)BirthSanaa Lathan, American actress
September 19th, 1970 (September 19 1970)EventThe first Glastonbury Festival is held at Michael Eavis s farm in Glastonbury, UK.
September 19th, 1970 (September 19 1970)BirthDan Bylsma, National Hockey League player
September 19th, 1970 (September 19 1970)BirthGilbert Dionne, National Hockey League player
September 19th, 1970 (September 19 1970)BirthTakanori Nishikawa, Japanese pop/rock singer
September 19th, 1970 (September 19 1970)BirthVictor Williams, American actor
September 19th, 1969 (September 19 1969)BirthAlkinoos Ioannidis, Greek-Cypriot singer and composer
September 19th, 1969 (September 19 1969)BirthTapio Wilska, Finnish singer
September 19th, 1969 (September 19 1969)DeathRex Ingram, American actor (born in 1895)
September 19th, 1968 (September 19 1968)DeathChester Carlson, American inventor (born in 1906)
September 19th, 1968 (September 19 1968)DeathRed Foley, American singer (born in 1910)
September 19th, 1967 (September 19 1967)BirthJim Abbott, baseball player
September 19th, 1967 (September 19 1967)BirthStephane Crete, Quebec actor
September 19th, 1967 (September 19 1967)BirthAlexander Karelin, Russian wrestler
September 19th, 1967 (September 19 1967)DeathZinaida Serebriakova, Russian painter (born in 1884)
September 19th, 1967 (September 19 1967)DeathMonica Proietti, Canadian criminal (born in 1940)
September 19th, 1966 (September 19 1966)BirthSoledad O Brien, American journalist
September 19th, 1966 (September 19 1966)BirthEric Robert Rudolph, American criminal
September 19th, 1965 (September 19 1965)BirthAlexandra Vandernoot, Belgian actress
September 19th, 1965 (September 19 1965)BirthSabine Paturel, French singer
September 19th, 1964 (September 19 1964)BirthPatrick Marber, British playwrightPatrick Marber Quotes
September 19th, 1964 (September 19 1964)BirthBob Papa, American sportscaster
September 19th, 1964 (September 19 1964)BirthTrisha Yearwood, American singer
September 19th, 1963 (September 19 1963)BirthJarvis Cocker, English musician (Pulp)
September 19th, 1963 (September 19 1963)BirthDavid Seaman, English footballer
September 19th, 1962 (September 19 1962)BirthCheri Oteri, American actress and comedian
September 19th, 1962 (September 19 1962)BirthKen Rosenthal, American sportswriter
September 19th, 1960 (September 19 1960)BirthLoic Bigois, French engineer
September 19th, 1959 (September 19 1959)EventNikita Khrushchev is barred from visiting Disneyland.Nikita Khrushchev Quotes
September 19th, 1958 (September 19 1958)BirthKevin Hooks, American actor and director
September 19th, 1958 (September 19 1958)BirthAzumah Nelson, Ghanaian boxer
September 19th, 1957 (September 19 1957)EventFirst U.S. underground nuclear bomb test.
September 19th, 1957 (September 19 1957)EventDalida is the first artist to be awarded a gold record in France for 300 000 sales of "Bambino".
September 19th, 1956 (September 19 1956)BirthJuan Manuel Fangio II, Argentine racing driver
September 19th, 1956 (September 19 1956)BirthCharlie Reliford, baseball umpire
September 19th, 1955 (September 19 1955)BirthRichard Burmer, American composer and musician (died in 2006)
September 19th, 1955 (September 19 1955)BirthRex Smith, American singer and actor
September 19th, 1955 (September 19 1955)DeathJohn D. Dingell, Sr., U.S. Congressman from Michigan (born in 1894)
September 19th, 1952 (September 19 1952)EventThe U.S. bars Charlie Chaplin from reentering the country after a trip to England.Charlie Chaplin Quotes
September 19th, 1952 (September 19 1952)BirthBernard de Dryver, Belgian racing driver
September 19th, 1952 (September 19 1952)BirthGunnar Hokmark, Swedish politician
September 19th, 1952 (September 19 1952)BirthNile Rodgers, American musician and composer
September 19th, 1951 (September 19 1951)BirthDaniel Lanois, Canadian record producer
September 19th, 1950 (September 19 1950)BirthJoan Lunden, American journalist and television host
September 19th, 1949 (September 19 1949)BirthSally Potter, English film director and screenwriter
September 19th, 1949 (September 19 1949)BirthBarry Scheck, American lawyer, co-founder Innocence Project
September 19th, 1949 (September 19 1949)BirthTwiggy, English model
September 19th, 1949 (September 19 1949)DeathWill Cuppy, American humorist (born in 1884)Will Cuppy Quotes
September 19th, 1949 (September 19 1949)DeathGeorge Shiels, Irish dramatist (born in 1886)
September 19th, 1949 (September 19 1949)DeathNikolaos Skalkottas, Greek composer (born in 1901)
September 19th, 1948 (September 19 1948)BirthJeremy Irons, English actor
September 19th, 1948 (September 19 1948)BirthMihai Timofti, Director, actor, musician from Moldova-Chisinau
September 19th, 1947 (September 19 1947)BirthLol Creme, English musician (10cc, Godley & Creme)
September 19th, 1946 (September 19 1946)EventThe Council of Europe is founded following a speech given by Winston Churchill at the University of Zurich.Winston Churchill Quotes
September 19th, 1946 (September 19 1946)BirthBrian Henton, English racing driver
September 19th, 1945 (September 19 1945)EventLord Haw Haw (William Joyce) sentenced to death in London.
September 19th, 1945 (September 19 1945)BirthRandolph Mantooth, American actor
September 19th, 1944 (September 19 1944)EventArmistice between Finland and Soviet Union signedied in (End of the Continuation War).
September 19th, 1944 (September 19 1944)BirthAnders Bjorck, Swedish politician
September 19th, 1944 (September 19 1944)BirthJean Succar Kuri, Lebanese-born Mexican businessman
September 19th, 1944 (September 19 1944)DeathGuy Gibson, British aviator, awarded Victoria Cross (born in 1918)
September 19th, 1943 (September 19 1943)BirthJoe Morgan, baseball player
September 19th, 1942 (September 19 1942)EventHolocaust in Brody, western Ukraine: About 2,500 Brody Jews are deported by German Gestapo to the extermination camp in Belzec.
September 19th, 1942 (September 19 1942)BirthFreda Payne, American singer and actress
September 19th, 1942 (September 19 1942)DeathConde Nast, American publisher (born in 1873)
September 19th, 1941 (September 19 1941)BirthUmberto Bossi, Italian politician
September 19th, 1941 (September 19 1941)BirthMama Cass Elliot, American musician (died in 1974)Cass Elliot Quotes
September 19th, 1940 (September 19 1940)EventWitold Pilecki is voluntarily captured and sent to Auschwitz in order to smuggle out information and start a resistance
September 19th, 1940 (September 19 1940)BirthAnna Karen, South African-born British actress
September 19th, 1940 (September 19 1940)BirthBill Medley, American singer and songwriter (The Righteous Brothers)
September 19th, 1940 (September 19 1940)BirthEd Westfall, Canadian ice hockey player
September 19th, 1940 (September 19 1940)BirthPaul Williams, American composer
September 19th, 1938 (September 19 1938)DeathPauline Frederick, American actress (born in 1883)
September 19th, 1937 (September 19 1937)BirthAbner Haynes, American football player
September 19th, 1936 (September 19 1936)BirthAl Oerter, American athlete (died in 2007)
September 19th, 1936 (September 19 1936)DeathVishnu Narayan Bhatkhande, Indian musician (born in 1860)
September 19th, 1935 (September 19 1935)BirthBenjamin Hacker, American naval aviator (died in 2003)
September 19th, 1935 (September 19 1935)BirthNick Massi, American singer (The Four Seasons) (died in 2000)
September 19th, 1935 (September 19 1935)DeathKonstantin Eduardovich Tsiolkovsky, Russian rocket scientist (born in 1857)
September 19th, 1934 (September 19 1934)EventBruno Hauptmann is arrested for the kidnap and murder of Charles Lindbergh III.
September 19th, 1934 (September 19 1934)BirthBrian Epstein, English musical group manager (The Beatles) (died in 1967)
September 19th, 1933 (September 19 1933)BirthDavid McCallum, Scottish actor
September 19th, 1931 (September 19 1931)BirthBrook Benton, American singer (died in 1988)
September 19th, 1931 (September 19 1931)BirthJean-Claude Carriere, French screenwriter and actor
September 19th, 1930 (September 19 1930)BirthAntonio Margheriti, Italian filmmaker (died in 2002)
September 19th, 1928 (September 19 1928)BirthAdam West, American actor
September 19th, 1927 (September 19 1927)BirthRosemary Harris, English actress
September 19th, 1927 (September 19 1927)BirthWilliam Hickey, American actor (died in 1997)
September 19th, 1927 (September 19 1927)DeathMichael Peter Ancher, Danish painter (born in 1849)
September 19th, 1926 (September 19 1926)EventThe San Siro is inaugurated with a match between AC Milan and Inter.
September 19th, 1926 (September 19 1926)BirthMasatoshi Koshiba, Japanese physicist, Nobel Prize laureate
September 19th, 1926 (September 19 1926)BirthJames Lipton, American actor, writer and host of Inside the Actors Studio
September 19th, 1926 (September 19 1926)BirthDuke Snider, baseball player
September 19th, 1924 (September 19 1924)DeathAlick Bannerman, Australian cricketer (born in 1854)
September 19th, 1922 (September 19 1922)BirthDamon Knight, American writer (died in 2002)
September 19th, 1922 (September 19 1922)BirthEmil Zatopek, Czech athlete (died in 2000)
September 19th, 1921 (September 19 1921)BirthPaulo Freire, Brazilian educator & writer (died in 1997)
September 19th, 1920 (September 19 1920)BirthRoger Angell, American sports writer
September 19th, 1915 (September 19 1915)BirthGerman Valdes, Mexican actor, singer and comedian (died in 1973)
September 19th, 1913 (September 19 1913)BirthFrances Farmer, American actress (died in 1970)Frances Farmer Quotes
September 19th, 1912 (September 19 1912)BirthKurt Sanderling, German conductor
September 19th, 1911 (September 19 1911)BirthSir William Golding, English writer, Nobel Prize laureate (died in 1993)William Golding Quotes
September 19th, 1910 (September 19 1910)BirthMargaret Lindsay, American actress (died in 1981)
September 19th, 1909 (September 19 1909)BirthFerry Porsche, Austrian automobile pioneer (died in 1998)
September 19th, 1908 (September 19 1908)BirthTatsuo Shimabuku, founder of Isshinryu Karate (died in 1975)
September 19th, 1908 (September 19 1908)BirthRobert Lecourt, French politician and president of the European Court of Justice (died in 2004)
September 19th, 1908 (September 19 1908)BirthMika Waltari, Finnish novelist (died in 1979)
September 19th, 1907 (September 19 1907)BirthLewis Franklin Powell, Jr., American Supreme Court Justice (died in 1998)
September 19th, 1906 (September 19 1906)DeathMaria Georgina Grey (b.1816), British writer who promoted women s education and founder the Girls Day School Trust.
September 19th, 1905 (September 19 1905)BirthLeon Jaworski, American Watergate scandal special prosecutor (died in 1982)
September 19th, 1905 (September 19 1905)DeathThomas John Barnardo, Irish philanthropist (born in 1845)
September 19th, 1901 (September 19 1901)BirthJoe Pasternak, Hungarian-born film producer (died in 1991)
September 19th, 1900 (September 19 1900)EventButch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid commit their first robbery together.
September 19th, 1898 (September 19 1898)BirthGiuseppe Saragat, president of the Italian Republic (died in 1988)
September 19th, 1893 (September 19 1893)EventWomen s suffrage: In New Zealand, the Electoral Act of 1893 is consented to by the governor giving all women in New Zealand the right to vote.
September 19th, 1893 (September 19 1893)DeathAlexander Tilloch Galt, Canadian politician, a father of Canadian Confederation (born in 1817)
September 19th, 1889 (September 19 1889)BirthSadie Delany, American physician and author (died in 1999)
September 19th, 1888 (September 19 1888)BirthJ. W. Alexander, American mathematician (died in 1971)
September 19th, 1887 (September 19 1887)BirthLovie Austin, American jazz pianist (died in 1972)
September 19th, 1887 (September 19 1887)BirthLynne Overman, American actor (died in 1943)
September 19th, 1882 (September 19 1882)BirthChristopher Stone, first disc jockey in the United Kingdom (died in 1965)
September 19th, 1881 (September 19 1881)DeathJames Garfield, 20th President of the United States (born in 1831)
September 19th, 1870 (September 19 1870)EventFranco-Prussian War: the Siege of Paris begins, which will result on 28 January 1871 in the surrender of Paris and a decisive Prussian victory.
September 19th, 1868 (September 19 1868)DeathWilliam Sprague, American minister and politician from Michigan (born in 1809)
September 19th, 1863 (September 19 1863)EventAmerican Civil War: Battle of Chickamauga.
September 19th, 1862 (September 19 1862)EventAmerican Civil War: Battle of IukaUnion troops under General William Rosecrans defeat a Confederate force commanded by General Sterling Price.
September 19th, 1843 (September 19 1843)DeathGaspard-Gustave Coriolis, French scientist (born in 1792)
September 19th, 1828 (September 19 1828)BirthFridolin Anderwert, Swiss Federal Councilor (died in 1880)
September 19th, 1811 (September 19 1811)BirthOrson Pratt, American religious leader (died in 1881)
September 19th, 1803 (September 19 1803)BirthMaria Anna of Savoy, Empress of Austria and queen of Hungary and Bohemia (died in 1884)
September 19th, 1802 (September 19 1802)BirthLajos Kossuth, Hungarian lawyer and Regent-President (died in 1894)
September 19th, 1799 (September 19 1799)BirthRene Caille, French explorer (died in 1838)
September 19th, 1796 (September 19 1796)EventGeorge Washington s farewell address is printed across America as an open letter to the public.George Washington Quotes
September 19th, 1796 (September 19 1796)BirthHartley Coleridge, English poet (died in 1849)Hartley Coleridge Quotes
September 19th, 1778 (September 19 1778)EventThe Continental Congress passes the first budget of the United States.
September 19th, 1778 (September 19 1778)BirthHenry Peter Brougham, Lord High Chancellor of Great Britain (died in 1868)Henry Brougham Quotes
September 19th, 1777 (September 19 1777)EventFirst Battle of Saratoga/Battle of Freeman s Farm/Battle of Bemis Heights.
September 19th, 1759 (September 19 1759)BirthWilliam Kirby, English entomologist (died in 1850)
September 19th, 1754 (September 19 1754)BirthJohn Ross Key, commissioned officer in the Continental Army, judge, lawyer and the father of Francis Scott Key (died in 1821)John Scott Quotes
September 19th, 1749 (September 19 1749)BirthJean Baptiste Joseph Delambre, French mathematician (died in 1822)
September 19th, 1737 (September 19 1737)BirthCharles Carroll of Carrollton, American signer of the Declaration of Independence and U.S. Senator (died in 1832)
September 19th, 1714 (September 19 1714)BirthCharles Humphreys, American delegate to the Continental Congress (died in 1786)
September 19th, 1710 (September 19 1710)DeathOle Romer, Danish astronomer (born in 1644)
September 19th, 1693 (September 19 1693)DeathJanez Vajkard Valvasor, Slovenian polymath (born in 1641)
September 19th, 1692 (September 19 1692)EventGiles Corey is pressed to death after refusing to plead in the Salem witch trials.
September 19th, 1692 (September 19 1692)DeathGiles Corey, American farmer killed in the Salem Witch Trials
September 19th, 1668 (September 19 1668)DeathWilliam Waller, English soldier
September 19th, 1551 (September 19 1551)BirthKing Henry III of France (died in 1589)
September 19th, 1377 (September 19 1377)BirthAlbert IV, Duke of Austria (died in 1404)
September 19th, 1356 (September 19 1356)EventIn the Battle of Poitiers, the English defeat the French.
September 19th, 1339 (September 19 1339)DeathEmperor Go-Daigo of Japan (born in 1288)
September 19th, 0866 (September 19 0866)BirthLeo VI, Byzantine Emperor (died in 912)
September 19th, 0690 (September 19 0690)DeathTheodore of Tarsus, Archbishop of Canterbury (born in 602)
September 19th, 0335 (September 19 0335)EventDalmatius is raised to the rank of Caesar by his uncle Constantine I.

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